Monday, May 24, 2010

Is it Summer already?

I believe we were fighting with frost about three weeks ago but today we are expecting 100 degree plus temps. I'm chalking it up to global warming. What to do on a hot sticky day? Craft of course. The sticky hot air woke me at about 3:30 this morning. I tossed and turned for over an hour before I gave up. I checked my to-do list and saw I owe some postage holders for a swap so I thought it was a good time to create them. I started with a mini file folder and stamped two butterflies and the words Art mail on the folders. Then I broke out the trusty zig and tombow markers and colored the butterflies in. I added a metal dot and then outlined the image in the light blue. I ran to the computer to see exactly how many and what the requirements were because I was only looking at 6 single layered holders... eeek, the site says 6 +1 and two layers... hmmm... what to do? I know, ask the kid... he always has good ideas... "Alex, what am I going to do? These are supposed to be two layers and I only have one." He answered without even thinking, just put another butterfly on top Mom... so I stamped the seventh folder, colored the butterflies, placed the dot, stamped the words, and then I stamped, colored and cut out the seven additional butterflies. Colored them with a little gel pen between the yellows and oranges and I'm calling them done.  Now to finish the other 7 that I committed myself to...


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