Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On a May day

The leaves on the hill have almost all filled in, and I can’t wait for the privacy it offers us when we can no longer see the road, and the people on the road can no longer see us. Outside all there is, is green and it looks so fresh and clean. It was going to start raining so the sun wasn't making the green glow in this picture like it does in real life.

I can't wait for all the birds to move into their house. There are about a dozen or so all over the property and my favorites are the two story my Opa built, the red long house Alex bought me (and we painted), the mushroom looking ceramic one, and the little house Alex made with Clarence last summer.

I have lots on my to-do list this week including class finals. Attending college online is a different type of educational experience. There are so many writing projects and keeping my studies on track has been the hardest part. This is not only a learning experience for me, but it was a complete family educational experience. At first I would try to get my work done while the family was awake. With all the questions, noises, and constant interruptions, I struggled. After a few weeks I was certain I was not meant to learn outside the traditional classroom. With lots of homework under my belt, and being half way through my program, we have all learned exactly what I need to do to finish my homework. So now I wait until the kid is in bed and Craig is at work. The house is quiet and I can concentrate.

Last week Craig hit a deer with my Tahoe. He should have missed it but, it happened. No one was hurt and the truck made it home. We called the same guy the neighbor suggested last time when it wouldn’t start. Mike drove all the way over here, about 30 miles or so, took a look at it, made a list, and took off to the scrap yard. He called the other night and he FOUND ALL THE PARTS at his buddy’s junk yard… ooops I mean scrap yard. He should be picking it up by the end of the week. I’m glad he found the parts so quick, we are supposed to be at a family reunion about 350 miles away in June, and so the Tahoe is a necessity. All I asked was for it to be legal and safe, Mike thinks he can make her all pretty again too!

I let Alex skip school today, not intentionally, but he was home all day. No, he’s not sick, and no, this doesn’t happen very often, but we were all up late because of the hot weather. He didn’t fall asleep until about 2am, and I wasn’t about to wake him up at 6:30 to get ready for school, so I let him sleep. It is still hot and sticky here, but he will be going tomorrow because he just drives me crazy when he is here all day. And summer vacation is right around the corner… eeek!!!

I thought I’d share one of my midnight creations with you today. Last night I created and created because I’m apparently procrastinating, I do have a final and some housework I could/ should be doing, and I ended up making a funny but adorable breast cancer card. I thought the melons were so fitting for this, and my Mom will adore having this card sitting on her desk. She works at a State run Veterans center and displays many of my cards there for everyone to enjoy. I usually do the cancer walk thank you card for her, the children’s miracle network cards, and a card for any of the many other causes she supports.

This card is real simple, just stamped the melons (from stamps etc) 4 times using a grey ink pad made for clear stamps and colored using colored pencils and baby oil with blending nubs. There are three melons hanging on the front of the card with jump rings from the ribbon. The pink check and the white are punched using Martha Stewart border punches. That cute pink centered daisy trim was stuck on with glue dots.  The designer paper is from a Martha Stewart stack. The little sentiment Priority is stamped in the corner. The inside is where this card makes its purpose known.
On the inside:                                                                                                                    
I created the saying on my computer and printed it directly on the patterned designer paper. I added the little strip with the border punch to finish it off, and placed the final melon on next to the sentiment.


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