Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I can't afford it, so you make it more expensive?!?

I haven’t touched base on our mortgage dilemma yet, but we have been fighting for over 2 years so we can keep our home. The mortgage company’s solution is to raise our mortgage, which makes no sense to us. We were having trouble making the already inflated payments and now they are adding a few hundred dollars. Neither my husband nor I are lawyers, so we thought the next logical course of action was to hire someone educated in mortgage modification law. Well, we were wrong. The attorney was paid, all the paperwork was supplied, and then they closed their doors, turned off their phones and skipped town… with our money. We contacted the mortgage company to see where we were at because now this falls on our shoulders again. The attorney’s office did not supply the mortgage company with correct numbers or documents.

Believe it or not, hiring an attorney and having them skip town with your money is not a crime. Well that is according to the Tampa, FL police department.

We haven’t decided what option to choose of the three available to us. We can either pay the outrageous amount each month with little confidence we will still save our home, we can let our home go into foreclosure or live with the consequences, or we can sell our home via a short sale before the foreclosure date. Heavy options and we still aren’t sure what we will do.

Living here in this little community our son is benefiting from the small student centric school system (consisting of one school K4-12). Leaving this home leaves us little choice but to move from this community we have grown to call home.

There are many choices to make before we return to court on the 17th of March. We would love to keep our home, but if we lose it, we lose it. As long as we are together and we can stay warm, we will be fine.


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