Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What can you make with glue, paper, and ribbon?

So yes, I am a bit creative, craft freak would be a better description, I guess. I love to do paper crafts. My most recent creative spurt resulted in three different designs of baby shower invites, four thank you cards, two birthday cards, and one anniversary card. Sometimes I do these types of activities just to relax, or other times I have an order or need to send somene a card. I try to create things I would want to get in the mail.  I even created a card box, fully decorated, and filled with cards as a Mother's Day gift for my Mom last year. Card making hasn't always been my vice, I started with scrapbooking, even before it became popular.
When I was pregnant with my son in 1997 & 98, I started documenting not only my pregnancy, but family life as well. This was before all the stores carried a do-dad for every occasion in every color. Page decorations were all hand made, no word stickers were available, and I searched several stores to finally locate acid-free markers. But today, I have accumulated a large collection of craft supplies from paper to clay and everything in between. I always tell my friends that if they are feeling crafty, before they purchase something, call me because I have probably collected it over the last 12 years. It is amazing that my collection of acid free items has multiplied from a simple stack on my dresser to consuming an entire bedroom. Yes, I have a craftroom. Not that it is clean or neat, the intention was there, but creativity seems to strike me when things are in dissaray instead of being straight and orderly.  

I was gifted a Cricut from Provo Craft about two years ago. I'm glad my mom had trouble sleeping that night because paper crafting has never been easier. I fell in love with the machine, with one exception, the machine did not handle full sized paper, only 6x12. I envied the full sized machine for about 8 months until I had saved up enough pennies to purchase it. I felt like a million bucks when I walked out the door of Wal*Mart with my new Cricut in hand. The old one did not go to waste though, I gave it to my step-daughter-in-law when this passed November.

Since then I have been addicted to the machine, using it to create some of the neatest crafts ever. I even created a storybook scene for a very special little girl's first birthday. The scene included not only a fairytale castle, but a knight in shining armor on his white horse, a unicorn, a dragon, and the princess herself. The scene was amazing. (If my computer hadn't died I would load the photo).

Paper crafting was big during the depression, hand made gifts, cards, and goodies were popular because they are fairly inexpensive. Similar circumstances have affected our current economy and we all need to tighten our belts a bit. Paper crafting is one of those things that show you care, send someone a little love, a note, tell them you care. Those are the things that matter, not if you searched through hundreds or thousands of pre-made cards to see if someone else wrote down your feelings.

We are not a family privilaged with wealth, but if you receive a card from this house, it will be hand made and filled with nothing but love.


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