Monday, July 12, 2010


Have you ever tried to quit smoking? I'm studying just that right now. I have to say I am using aids like chantix but it is still all about will power. And if you know me, I don't own any will power...I'm doing fairly well I've smoked 1/2 a cigarette all day and that is so much better than a whole pack. I can see that BLOW-POP and JOLLY RANCHER will be making money off of this...So with this new goal in mind, I'll lay out the last few weeks here under my rain cloud.

Yesterday we put our dog down, one of them anyway. He was 9 years and 4 months old. His name was Buzz. Buzz was my husband's best friend's dog and when he passed away we decided to take in Buzz. The guys each got dogs out of the same litter and they grew up together. It is sad, but now Craigy is up in heaven with Garp (his parrot) on his shoulder and his dog at his feet. Garp died not long after Craigy passed away, something parrots often do when they lose their long time owner.

My back and hip have been giving me so much trouble, and I even spent the better part of two weeks in and out of the doctor's office, x-rays, MRI's and Physical Therapy. It has been so much fun... (for lack of a better word, I mean clean word, we will use the word fun here... )

The attorney still hasn't decided what is going on with our mortgage. The truck started doing this horrible chugging thing... Alex's blood test results came in and he looks pre-diabetic, Craig's hernia is bothering him, my tooth broke, and I managed to quit smoking on top of all this junk. Along with that, I've got school... all 7 days of the week, no breaks, no weekends, no holidays. My creative juice has kinda got up and went, but I think it is because I hurt and can't really concentrate on anything for very long. All my craft stuff has started to collect dust and that is really sad to me. That stuff loves to be loved, hates to sit and collect dust.

I'm trying to create a card right now, but I have to take it one step at a time. I can stand for a little while but then I have to sit. Then stand a lil more, then sit, then stand, then lay down... then take a pain pill... I've tried not to take too many of those either because I really HATE taking pills. I'd much rather a natural alternative but for pain, there isn't much else but a pill... so pills I take.

If I get the card done yet tonight I'll load it on, otherwise I'll have a reason to write tomorrow... Off to get a Blow pop...or sudociggy... yeah, sudociggy...


Anonymous said...

I came over here to let you know how much I appreciated the depth of your comment on my card on SCS and discovered a very interesting read. You really are going through a lot, but somehow I think you have the strength to pull through it all. Your cards are beautiful too, hope you find the desire and time you need to keep crafting them.
Blessings and hugs,
JoyceAnn (aka Anniepanda @ SCS)

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