Monday, August 2, 2010

Note to self: If I'd update more often this wouldn't happen!

It has been a rough couple of weeks here in my little world. So I've already taken down a note to self: If I'd update more often this wouldn't happen... this is gunna be a long one!!!

My back and hip are still hurting every day. I have been going to physical therapy and that seems to be working a little, it still hurts more than it should and that doesn't feel very good...My truck is, of course, broken again! Seems like it has been broken since May, oh yeah, it has.

I'm feeling real blue lately and I'm not sure if it is just that I normally self medicate depression with cigarettes and now that I am no longer smoking, I feel it, or if it is just a side effect of the chantix, or if I am just falling into one of those deep depressions I feel at least once a year. What ever it is, it seems as though I just don't care about much anymore. Maybe it is because I feel that no matter what the problem is, there isn't a way for me to fix it, so instead of stressing, I just decided not to stress, I just don't really care. I have been trying to stay busy with the not smoking and the feeling blue though, trying to find something to just keep me occupied.

I've been stamping and making cards. SCS ( has made it much easier to stay preoccupied over the last two week though, they held their dare to get dirty challenge and boy did I dare, and boy did my house get dirty.

The challenge was to create a card/ project to fill 33 different challenges. The challenges were posted starting July 23rd and each day additional challenges were added, equalling 33, and all the products needed to be uploaded and linked by August 1st. Several of the "dirty dozen" or the SCS elite and "dirty dozen alumni" hosted the challenges ranging from sketches to incorporating certain techniques, items and ideas. I tried to combine as many challenges as possible, more for personal challenge than anything else. It takes much longer for me to complete a card if it has more steps, embellishments, and criteria. It kept my mind off of just how bottomless I've been feeling.

The very first card I created for this challenge is for Craig's grandson Jacob. Jacob live fairly far from us and we only get to see him about once a year. He and his mom, Erica, just spent 5 months by themselves because Joe (Craig's son) was off at boot camp. Jacob was a very good boy, for the most part, and I thought he could use a little reward for his good  behavior.
This card was made using several stamps. And although I only linked it to 6 or seven challenges, it qualified for many other ones. The space ship moves from the ground to the moon and back with the use of a slider. It was a very interesting card to make, and figuring out how to make it move, was frustrating but fun. I cut into the black card stock creating two parallel slits approximately 1/2" apart. This was the track. To create the sliding part I used a strip of paper that was approximately 1/8" wide and scored it at 1/2" then folded just eye'd the next fold just about three paper widths from the 1/2" mark and then 1/2" following that fold. I slipped the strip of paper under the track and glued the ends together over the strip. This is where I attached the rocket ship. A piece of black ribbon is attached to the front of the ship to pull toward the moon, and the redish orange sparkle ribbon is attached at the rocket's flame to pull the ship back toward the earth.
I created several other cards these last few weeks.
I'm not going to put all the captions in where each card was linked for the challenges, because this is a long, long update already...

And along with these I created two cards for the teapot tuesday challenge to send to a pediatric burn unit at a hospital in Ohio.  The teapot this week was of a cow auctioneer. Here's what I sent:
I played along with the sketch challenge this week and created this:
I'm thinking of using this layout for a valentine swap and a similar stamp layout, excluding the 2 U and with some color change.  I've still got time to decide.

this was created for the inspiration challenge.
And wait, there is more:
This Space shuttle and sky card was created for the featured stamper challenge and I decided to send it to a fellow SCS'r who's grandson is in the hospital. On the inside it says something about how an emergency surgery is a good way to get attention. :D

And Here is the final card of the week:

This was created with a jessicalynnoriginals design. Gave him to the mechanic today. He thought it was real neat.

So there you have it, that is what I have been doing instead of smoking.


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