Friday, August 6, 2010

Scraps, Swirls, Raindrops, Flowers, and Stripes...

Yep, another card sketch I can check of my list. This one was particularly challenging, it was those darn strips of paper there on the edge. I do like how it turned out and I got to try a new technique while doing it. See those swirls in the background? they aren't inked after I embossed the paper, I inked the folder and they got inked while I embossed. Neat hey!

I filled more than one challenge with this card. The garden challenge (something that is in your garden). I may have lied a little about having such gorgeous blooms, but there are flowers out there in the yard. And since it has been raining almost every day, I thought this was really fitting. It is a digital image and when I first downloaded it I was unaware that the artist was important information to keep. So this is by an unknown artist at this time.

I colored this image with colored pencils and with some photo markers. Those zig markers made to color on a b&w or sepia image have such a light hue to them that they are perfect to blend the pencils and fill in the image just a little bit. Then I thought the image would look nicer if there was some blue around it, so I used some chalk to softly add some sky.

Notice those little pin pricks? that is paper piercing. I've done that on two of the image panel corners and along the edge of each of those strips of paper. The piercing was done to meet the "stick it" challenge. I chose to stick something into my paper as my take on stick it.

The last few things were to add some sparkle to those rain drops with a clear gel glitter pen and that border. The border piece was an afterthought actually. It was an already punched scrap that I found when cleaning yesterday. It seemed to work well on the edge of the image. It just seemed unfinished before the border. Still haven't decided what type of sentiment this should have, thinking of you, missing you, condolences, sympathy, with love... so I left it blank and will stamp it when the time comes.

I like how this turned out and it actually made it into my stash of cards and not in a bag for my mother or for RMH (Ronald McDonald House).

So that is the card for today. Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight. I'm going on about 8 hours of sleep over the last two weeks... not enough at all!!!And if I don't sleep tonight, I'll craft. Maybe I'll make the sandman a card and he'll come to visit :D


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