Friday, August 6, 2010

did my ribbon multiply?

Today I spent my day cleaning my craft room where I believe my ribbon stash has been multiplying and so has my stamp collection for that matter. I didn't get to make a card today but tomorrow I'm certain I'll be creating in my nice clean space.

My schooling was put on hold because of a financial aid mix up and I hope to be back on track on the 16th. Craig got his check tonight and it is enough to cover the cost of the truck repairs and the help he got splitting wood last weekend but figuring out how to get groceries and pay any other bills, is another story. But somehow things always seem to work out.

We will definitely be moving away from the boonies in the next year. I can't take the laid back stress anymore and there are no jobs here, so moving back to the big city is the way to go. We miss our family and friends anyway, so we decided it has to happen.

I'm still holding strong on not smoking. I actually have been having such a hard time sleeping because of the medicine (notice the 3am post time) so I started taking only one pill a day and it seems to be working, as in still handling the cravings. I almost stopped taking it all together, but with a friend's prompting she said just cut down and see if I feel the effects after a few days, but quit taking it and there is a huge chance I'll light up again... I chose to take one, I don't want to smoke again.

Have I mentioned my back is still on the mend? Well, it is. And for some reason I thought cleaning my craft room was a brilliant idea (even though it needed to be done) but I'm feeling it tonight. Seems like I just ranted a bit, can't wait to take all this energy out on a card or two tomorrow. Maybe tonight (eeer... this morning) yet, since I AM still up... hopefully the sandman will stop by with a sprinkle or two of the good stuff.


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