Monday, September 27, 2010

From 3 to sick

Can you say where'd the month go? I can. Things here have been fairly busy. About a month ago it was decided that my husband's son Joe, his wife Erica and their son Jacob would come to live with us. I had about two weeks to get the house ready to go from a household of three to a household of 6. I also maintained a full time college schedule, and kept up with my chores (you know cooking, cleaning, being mom, wife, student).
Anyway, I tossed our life up into the air and where it landed was in two less places. I turned the storage room off of the living room into a bedroom for the 5 year old. It is much larger than it sounds, but it is still small enough to stay fairly clean.
I rearranged the basement to make room for a bedroom in the corner for Joe and Erica. Did some mad organizing throughout the house because I had to find places for all the stuff that was in the storage room, and in the corner of the basement.
All this chaos going on in the house wasn't enough for one little household. We had to add more to our plates. Nine days after the other Jensen family joined us, the doctor who performed Jacob's tonsilectomy called to say they found a tumor on his tonsil. This was not what we had hoped for, no one ever hopes for a tumor but our fears were soon realized and the tumor was found to be cancer. Lymphoma is a very treatable form of cancer. Once it was determined that he had cancer for sure, I drove them to the train station and they went back to Indiana for treatment at the children's hospital in Indianapolis.
Jacob is undergoing his second round of chemotherapy starting today. We are hoping this is the last round he needs to be cancer-free. For right now we are all praying. Just praying for a smooth, quick, safe recovery. Praying that Jacob is young enough he forgets the pain, forgets the process, and bounces back like a 5 year old can.
Today the principal of the school called and he told me that some of the highschool kids wanted to do a fund raiser for Joe, Erica and Jacob. What big hearts our kids have here in this little town. I passed along phone numbers for both Joe and Erica to get parental approval, but I think any help is going to be welcomed.
I start my CNA classes this evening. Hopefully the class gets moved to a daytime class so it takes even fewer weeks to complete. The Red Cross called today to see if I had any objection to moving the class to a daytime class, and no, I do not. That would be awesome for me and my family as I am having a hard time believing Alex is ready to be home alone in the evening for 3-4 hours. I mean, I might come home to a pile of smoking ash that used to be my house...
I thought I'd end this with a few photos, one of Jacob and one of the first card we sent to his hospital room.


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