Saturday, June 5, 2010

If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!


Ring- Ring

“Hello,” glances at clock to see it is 7:10am on a Saturday.

“Good morning Renee’, This is Mike. Uh, So sorry to tell you this but…”

There was a seriously long pause here folks, I was starting to worry…

“well, I got the oil changed this morning and took it for a test drive and…”

Another seriously long pause, I sat up now because this sounded serious.

“There is more damage than we thought, the transmission, well, I hate to say this but…”

Again with the pause… geeze wake a girl up and then take this long to deliver information, boy am I glad he doesn’t work in a drive thru somewhere…

“third gear and overdrive are out, the truck is running, but you will need to either replace it or have it rebuilt”

I finally said something: “ So… Uhm… What does that mean Mike?” See, I sound real smart in the morning don’t I…

“I just checked on parts for another job and a used transmission will run anywhere between 400 and 500 dollars”

“WOW” I was actually not surprised like this is a lot of money, but more like, this is not a lot of money. We repaired Craig’s truck about three years ago and it cost well over that.

“I’ll do some more checking but everything is closed today, but I need you to come and get it because the neighbors will complain if I have another vehicle sitting in my yard.”

“Ok, so, what do I owe you… “

“About a hundred more”

“Ok, We will be on our way shortly”

Now, I have to say when we drove up I couldn’t help but smile. He did such a great job that you can’t even tell it smashed into a deer at 70+ mph. Then reality set in. I had to drive this poor limping truck home and I couldn’t go any faster than 35 mph. What normally takes 25 minutes took nearly an hour. Now I’m waiting to hear from the transmission repair guy Mike recommended, and got a quote--- the buddy price might I add--- and I’m hoping he can get it done in time for the family reunion we are supposed to go to. Oh, and the buddy price is nothing near $500. If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all!!!


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